Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday has arrived.  I'm not sure how I feel about it right now.  It started off fairly well, however certain events are starting to make me feel a bit grumpy towards the whole day.

Started out by paying bills.  Something I do every month at the beginning of the month.  I have it basically down to a science.  I have a certain order, I have all my sites bookmarked.  I can usually get the whole thing done in less than 15 minutes.  The only thing that ever gets in the way is if there is an internet server issue or something (someone) interrupts me.  So, today, I started on my list.  The first is our truck payment.  The modus operandi for paying for that beast has been the same for the last few years.  Today, it is different.  I have always used my debit card to pay this one.  Today they are telling me the only way I can pay is by entering all the numbers off of my personal check that is linked to that account.  Oh really now.  First of all, I don't have any checks, as checks are seriously becoming a thing of the past. Second of all, I don't want to enter all this silly information when they already have my account information on file.  Ugh!!  I am currently on speaker phone with the customer service department.  I want to talk to a human.  Not looking too good so far.  I'm holding for the next available agent, listening to what could be the worst rendition of Barry Manilow music ever.  Oh...I have a human!

Twenty minutes later, I am thinking seriously about going home and making a drink.  What is it with these customer service people??  I was greeted in "Mexenglish" by Felipe.  "Ell-o. My name is Felipe. How ken I asseeeest you today?"   I asked where my information was and was told, "Dese people, dey have deleted oll de data for paying dese accounts."  Hmmmm......who are "dese people" where did my information go?  Somewhere into cyberspace?  "I don' know.  Sorry ma'am."  Then Felipe told me that I would just have to re-enter my information.  Fabulous.  I asked why we were not informed about this situation taking place.  Felipe said, "Yes, ma'am, dese people that do dese tings don't have time to call people and tell dem that dey are changing tings."   Why then, does GM Financial have my email address?  A mass email seems like the modern way to handle this.  They email me almost every week with some sort of promotion or other nonsense that I MUST take advantage of!   But wait, there's more!  He then informed me that it will now be $10 a month extra to use the on-line service. What???   I thought we were in the 2000s where the internet was truly king.  He indicated that in order to avoid a "possessing" fee (as he called it), I should go back to the old school way of writing a check and mailing it.  Seems like an instant payment directly from my bank account would be the best way to get their greedy hands on my monthly payment, without danger of payment getting lost or not clearing.  Almost every other creditor accepts payments this way without incurring extra fact, several of our creditors bribe you to pay online by NOT charging fees.  WTH??!!!  I feel as though I have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting this bank information painlessly.  Bah!

Also on my plate of grievances for the day, is the umpteenth day of hot weather!  My phone says that it is 93 degrees at 1:18 p.m.but the "real feel" is 99.  Should be outstanding later this afternoon when the hottest part of the day rears its ugly head and I'm out on the blacktop coaching volleyball.

On a positive note.  Yes, there's  a positive note today!  I did not get to my two cleaning projects yesterday, because something did come up.  It was a good/fun thing.  Some good friends came to visit and we had a nice breakfast down at The Red Caboose.  Biscuits and gravy...yummo!!  Then in my bloated, food catatonic state, I went to Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH) and found the miracle product "Barkeeper's Friend" that is supposed to (according to Pinterest) make my porcelain look brand new again.  We'll see.  I didn't have time to try it yet.  I also picked up my free pint of Benjamin Moore paint (coupon in Country Living magazine-score!!) that is just enough paint for my project pieces,  I also went to Target and got tan colored sponges (the color of my microfiber couch) and a white bristled scrubby brush for the couch cleaning project.  So, back to why I didn't try the magical cleaning Pins yet.  We got invited to go shooting and have a bbq with more good friends of ours.  Definitely sounded better than cleaning.  It was.  So, a good little weekend as far as friends go.  Not super productive, but still a good weekend.  Wondering why Monday can't take direction from the weekend and be wonderful as well.

Hoping that what I put in the crock pot this morning will yield wonderful results like the last time.  I put frozen chicken breasts, a can of cream of chicken soup (mixed with  a can and a half of water), half a packet of ranch seasoning mix, and a half packet of garlic & herb salad dressing mix.  I'll try not to eat it all before I can take a photo.

Crockin' again!  
There it is...the finished product.  The rice kind of takes over the plate, but the chicken was delicious!  


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