Tuesday, October 16, 2012

 I feel good...na na na na na na na...

That was silly, but I do feel good today.  I ran/walked two miles at lunch yesterday and ate ridiculously healthy.  My calorie intake was somewhere between 500 and 1,000 calories, which may seem like starvation to some.  It really isn't.  I had deli ham, pretzels, and assorted veggies for lunch.  Then I went home and made the most amazing egg white omelet ever!!  Three egg whites, one egg yolk, chopped ham, onion, cilantro, shredded cheese, salsa, and peppers.  Yummo!!  Then I had a smidge of leftover Velveeta Shells & Cheese, because one can never walk by an unattended pot of those and not take a bite or two.  I had a little cottage cheese and salsa and more water!

Last night I also prepped the ingredients for homemade chicken noodle soup.  I looked like quite the sous chef, chopping onion, celery, and carrots ( I used my fancy crinkle cutter for that!).  I made some chicken stock from bullion cubes I had.  This morning I literally tossed all the ingredients in the crock pot with a package of pre-cooked chicken that was in the freezer, turned it on low and left to go to work.  Looking forward to getting home to delicious smells wafting from the house.  I just need to cook some noodles and boom...dinner!!  I'll post after photos when I get home.

Duck season starts this Saturday and Husband is like a little kid anxiously waiting for Christmas.  Brother-in-law, Ken, and pregnant Holly are coming down.   Holly and I are going to run/walk the Komen Race for the Cure (although "Sleeping in for the Cure" is a viable option too) and then gorge ourselves on biscuits and gravy!  I'm looking forward to food adventures with Holly!  We have Chipotle and Freebirds on the menu as well.  He he he...not so healthy eating is on my weekend horizon.  Glad I didn't sign up for the sleeping in option.

Projects this week have been put on the back burner, except for the headbands.  It is headband time at my house.  My little way of raising money for Fish's volleyball endeavors!  I've branched out into beanies as well, although those are more labor intensive.  I actually have to count stitches and remember what row I'm on, which is hard!!!!  This is the first one I made:

My Giants' version!
Below are a few samples of the headbands I make.  I have an Etsy store under mrsholc4x4, but haven't put any on there yet.  That will be up and running by the end of the week.  I've been a crazy crocheting woman getting ready for a holiday boutique and some for our school carnival, which is Friday.  I'm going to most likely have carpal tunnel by Christmas.

camo...my fave
school colors
cafe latter

with bling!

So these and more can be found on my Facebook Page Headbands & More!  The link to it is below:

Headbands & More!

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