Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday 5

Ooooh, it's Monday.  And Day 5.  Oh, what happened to Day 4, you ask?  Well, I really don't know.  The day just sort of got away from me.  We were at the Delta so that Husband could do some early goose hunting.  Unfortunately, he would have done better if he'd stayed home and hunted the local holding ponds.  The geese in those ponds just taunt us mercilessly by flying from the pond over my school yard over to the large fields where Husband's school is.  Ridiculous!  If it were legal, he'd be hunting there.  Lack of geese aside, the boys had a nice morning out on the boat, drinking blackberry brandy and cruising the slough.  They did do a little fishing and Husband caught this guy:

That is definitely NOT a goose.  
The weekend was not a total loss, as we had a great time with our friends.  So hard to leave that place though.  Love the weather up there.  Even in the summer.  Who cares if it is 90 degrees?  Just jump in the water!!  Get in the boat, take a cruise, go have lunch in your swimwear at the biker bar!  Ha ha!!  Actually, this weekend, we wore real clothes to the biker bar, but unfortunately, some folks didn't get the memo that summer has passed.  Ewie!!!

View from the back deck...
Anyway, I did not run this weekend as we were out of town.  I know, I know, places out of town also have sidewalks and roads to run on, but this was a little mini vacation.  I didn't write about it before since I am not one to make public the fact that I'm not home and my house and all its contents are sitting available for robbery.  I know, Mom, you wouldn't go pilfer through my house, but on the off chance that my humble blog goes viral.  Ha ha ha, I crack myself up.  Okay, so Day 5 here and still no running.  I must get motivated.  Maybe I will run in place later.  That counts, right?????

Or, maybe I won't.

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