Monday, October 22, 2012

Raining and Running! The Weekend Update!

Despite what the title might suggest, I am not running in the rain.  I would love to be though.  I woke up this morning to the most delightful sound I've heard in a long time.  The sound of raindrops, actual drops, hitting the deck!  Music to my ears.  I went so far as to post on Facebook that if I heard anyone complain about the rain, I would punch them in the neck.  I would too.  I guess when you a) live in the country and your water supply depends on rainfall, you learn that rain is not something to complain about, as it rarely happens here in the "desert" and b) I'm tired of all the brown plants in my yard and running water nearly non-stop when I'm hone to try to revive them for the 150th time!  So, anyway, just try to complain to me about the fact that it is raining.  Granted, I would much rather be at home, on the couch, crocheting headbands and watching crime!  Later, I guess.  On to the part about running...

Running.  Well, I did it!!  I ran the Susan G. Komen 5K Race for the Cure this weekend with my sister-in-law Holly (who is 5+ months preggers) and Fishie.  Scored myself a super nice little sports backpack, some pink eye black stickers, a t-shirt that is actually pretty cute, the annual Ford Warriors in Pink scarf,  some fruit, some cinnamon apple almonds (bleah!), a coupon for yogurt, and the satisfaction knowing that I ran 3.3 (the course was wrong) miles and didn't pass away.  I confess I walked for about 1/8 of a mile, but then the lady running in front of me couldn't seem to pick up her feet while running, so I passed her and kept going.  Boom!

Pre race smiles!
Here we are after the race, rocking the scarves from the Ford booth:

A little red, a little sweaty, but done!

The best part about running Saturday, Could be the fact that we went out to breakfast afterwards and gorged ourselves on delicious Red Caboose breakfast food.  Biscuits and gravy are always good motivators!  I'm pretty sure I would have to run at least a full marathon to cancel out the calories that are shown on the plate below.  The glass of chocolate milk with whipped cream on top isn't shown.  Does that mean it has no calories?  Ha ha!!

There was a to-go box involved here.

Other than the running, the weekend was pretty low key.  The boys all went hunting both mornings and returned each afternoon with an assortment of ducks.  Of course, no hunting trip is without its share of drama and/or humor.  This trip was apparently no different.  The boy got a ride into the refuge where they hunt with a friend of ours, as Husband's pass was full.  Husband and brother-in-law took the boat in and were going to pick up the boy at parking lot 5.  As soon as they got a few feet from the boat launch, the boat started filling up with smoke.  In the pitch blackness, the following could be heard, "What's on fire?!"  Followed by several other comments and I'm sure a bit of profanity.  It seems the new headlight wiring got too hot and melted.  I wish I could have witnessed this little scene.  I guess both of them moved with haste not usually exhibited by either.  Once they got the melted wires under control, they got to parking lot 5 to get the boy.  All he had to do was step into the boat, which Husband had pulled up onto the shore.  Instead, the boy decided to wade out into the slough, get his foot caught under a log, trip, and submerge his body up to his neck in the nasty slough water.  For the remainder of the hunting trip, he got to hunt in his underwear and a jacket.  Bahahahahaha!  That must've been a sight!  It was and I have photographic evidence, but being the kind mother that I am, I promised him I would not share it.  Okay, he threatened to unfriend me on Facebook and never speak to me again if I made the photo public.  Aside form those two inicdents, the hunting trip was a success, as was Sunday's outing.

Husband with his haul for Saturday morning!

While the boys were away and later napping, the girls hung out, shopped, and ate.  Fishie wanted to find some clothes at work and put them on lay-away, so we did that, along with several other errands.  Found some fabulous shoes for myself.  Now I just have to find a fabulous outfit to go with them.  That's not wrong, is it?  Ha ha!!

Tomorrow I will address another fabulous Pinterest find and be crockin' something tasty!

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