Monday, October 15, 2012

Missing! Me!

I have been missing from my blog for several days now.  Mostly because things have gotten a little hectic on the work front.  Nothing out of the ordinary, but just enough stuff to make blogging take a back seat.  I know I'm days behind my 31 days of running, so in a nutshell, here it is.  I haven't run since then, I am planning on running a 5k this weekend though.  Prep for that?  Eh...maybe, but not likely.  Done.  No more days of anything!

This past week I got quite creative!  Husband was in New York.  His grandma died and he flew back Tuesday for the funeral.  That gave me some time to get some organizing and some crating done.  I mostly worked on headbands.  My headbands will be in a boutique the first weekend of November, so I wanted to get a good sampling of colors to put in it.  This weekend, I did get to finish a couple of projects!

I bought this little birdhouse at a yard sale a few months back and have been wanting to do something with it.  I took my inspiration for this from an actual barn not far from our house.  So, from this:

To this:

And here is the inspiration:

Duck hunting season is only a week away, which means that I will get to do more projects!!  Yay!!  One of my big projects is to get the spare room (formerly known as the Nina/Tyler/closet/Luke/etc. room) ready for guests and make it look less like a closet.  I bought a cute table at a yard sale and started painting it a couple of weekends ago.  I finished it as well as some of the other accessories.


Lamp and a new mail/letter holder for the kitchen.

Lots of frames...ready for all the pictures.
Also , in the back is a frame with
chicken wire to hang baubles from.

So, all of that was done.  Wait, there's more!!!!  I also had a school project.  Our school carnival is this week on Friday.  Each classroom was given a plastic pumpkin to decorate to be auctioned off.  This is what I came up with:

Kitchy and cute-ish.  Hope it sells for a million!
I get half of the money!!   lol
There will be many more projects to be done soon, but for now I have to do the work thing.  After school time is dedicated to volleyball and headbands.  Ah, the life of a busy mommy.  I'm going to miss some of it some day.

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