Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dead Presidents = Good Times!

Busy weekend last weekend.  Thank you dead presidents for letting me have a three day weekend!!  Spent it with Husband visiting his parents, sister, (who is about to give birth!!!!!), her husband and my boy!  We had a great time.  Caught up on the latest with the family, watched Husband play rugby, ate the most delicious pizza on the planet, went out with some of the rugby boys and their significant others, had a fun breakfast with the family and house guests, went wine tasting, spent some money at Bass Pro, and finished off the weekend fishing at Pine Flat!  <3 <3 <3

Watching Husband play rugby is always very entertaining.  He is very athletic and very angry.  A perfect combination for the game.  When we finally got to the field (Cardio's British accented GPS lady took us for a wild ride), someone in the stands was shouting about someone being down on the field and an opposing team member stepping on his face.  Saw that.  Then realized that the guy on the ground, was none other than Husband!!  Poor choice for the little guy on the opposing team.  Ha ha ha!!  Karma was in full effect, however, when Husband 'accidentally" held some guy head down on the ground and inflicted some "accidental bruises on another.  Later at the after game social, this little ruddy faced, scrawny guy came up to Husband and apologized for "accidentally" stepping on his face.  Pretty sure the "accidental" part came after Husband stood up and the guy realized how athletic and big of a guy he chose to abuse.  Good comedy!

After some time at the social (where I ate the most delicious tortilla chips ever-eating good stuff was a common thread all weekend), we went to Old Chicago Pizza in Petaluma.  Hands down the BEST pizza on the planet.  We were told it would be a 30 minute wait to be seated...so, we had a couple of drinks at the bar, watched Cardio & Tactical color with crayons, and then decided before things got too silly, to get our food to go.  Delicious!!  There was a lot of deliciousnes this weekend.  That of course translates into many calories as well.  Boo.

Got to go wine tasting Sunday morning as we were heading out of town.  (More calories and deliciousness)  Went to Kenwood and was pleasantly surprised that they had all sorts of specials on yummy wine.  Got a half dozen bottles and am now not having so many holes in my wine racks.  Yay!!!  Another treat?  We went to Bass Pro on the way home as well.  And since we didn't have the boat with us this time...just the bird dog, I got to go inside!  That might have been bad, as I bought a hat, a sweatshirt, and some peachie-os!!  Husband bought a fish finder...I call it a fish tv.  It is really cool!  Anyway, we headed home after that.

Monday (thank you dead presidents), we went to Pine Flat to go fishing.  It ended up being more of just boating, as we didn't get a single bite.  We did try out the fish tv and that was pretty cool.  You can set this thing to view the fish in a few different ways.  I prefer the Fish ID method...they look like fishies and it tells you how deep they are.  Pretty entertaining actually.  Unfortunately, none of schools of fish we saw thought it would be cool to bite on our Senkos, spinner baits, swimbaits, or anything else we threw out there for them. But it was a nice day, nonetheless, so no complaints here.

Today I had to go to work and I really am hoping and praying for rain!  That way, volleyball practice will get cancelled for today and I can go home and pack my stuff for 6th grade camp tomorrow.  It is that time of year...babysitting 150+ kids and adults in the outdoors.  Can't wait.  Seriously wish alcohol was allowed up there.  It would make this adventure so much better.  Hopefully, when I get home Friday night, Husband will have a glass of something Kenwood waiting for me.  :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Healthy Me Update for Last Week!

O to the M to the G! This has been a rough week! I should clarify that it's been a rough weekend!  Husband had a rugby game against his best friends team.  I was at our school district's wrestling championships and ate like a champion all day!  Really!  I had a Non Fat White Mocha from Starbukcs and a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast.  Later I had some pretzel sticks and Nutella and 2 packets of Emergen-C since I felt like I was in a giant fishbowl of germs.  I drank an obscene amount of water all day.  Once the tournament was over, I headed over to the bar where the debauchery of good eating habits began.  I missed the team dinner of (gag) hot dogs and Frito Boats, so I ordered loaded french fries and chicken dippers.  That pretty much cancelled out any healthy eating I might have done that day.  I also consumed a few glasses of "Hooligan Juice".  This stuff is a delicious concoction of various alcohols and grape Gatorade.  It tastes a lot like grape flavored candy.  Dangerous.  I may or may not have (leaning towards may) have had a bit too much.  Oops!

So, Saturday being a caloric disaster, we move on to Sunday, which happened to be Super Bowl Sunday!!  We had been invited to a couple of parties, but decided to stay home and I cooked a tableful of appetizers.  I have to give Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman a huge shout out though!  She was instrumental in my cooking success this weekend!  I had watched an episode of her tv show a while back, where she made hot wings.  Husband is from New York and hot wings (Buffalo wings) are a food staple back there.  Maybe even a food group.  Of course, in New York, one eats wings with blue cheese dressing, NOT ranch.  Ranch dressing is very West Coast.  I looked on her website and found super detailed instructions for making the wings.   I followed aforementioned directions and adjusted the Frank's Hot Sauce to our taste (we prefer to eat wings without having a 4 alarm fire raging in our mouths).  They were deeeee-licious!!  I also made Queso according to Ree, which was also bomb.  Also on the menu?  Pigs in a Blanket, chips & salsa, something we call Heart Attack (cream cheese, chili, shredded cheese baked to bubbly perfection...served with Scoops!), and corn salsa, which made its way to the chicken coop.  Here is a photo of the feast:

Any wonder that I felt Fat on Fat Tuesday????