Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pinterest Part 2...projects for the weekend...

This weekend I am going to go on another Pinterest Test run.  I have a few more pins that I would like to try out.  Some of them already look a little sketchy, but we'll see.  Here's what's going to be on the agenda:

Chicken wire picture frame to either hold jewelry or photos.

Letter art.

Another kind of letter art...this one uses scrap book paper.

18 Wooden Letter Customized to your colors -- Choose a letter

This next one might be a bit trickier and more labor intensive.  I would like to try this with either a wine bottle or smaller sauce jars.

bottle christmas lights twinkle DIY

Not sure if I will get to all of these, but that's the plan.  I also need to get all of my boutique bound headbands done and tagged for purchase.  Nothing like leaving things to the last minute, but yes, that is how I roll.  Stay tuned for my version of these projects.  

And something to do with waffles.  I have been craving waffles for about a week now.  Maybe for dinner...

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