Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Several reasons to like this day.  One is that it means there are only two more days until Friday.  In a teacher's world, this is a grand occasion!  That means two days off and if we are lucky, we sometimes get a Monday off as well.

Another reason I like this day is that it is Early Release day, which means that the students go home about 20 minutes after lunch.  Most Wednesdays are relatively free in the afternoon, so it's a great time to get things done in the classroom.  I have a couple of decorating projects to get done in here.  I've been really lax about putting anything up on my walls on all the cutesy zebra bordered bulletin boards I put up in August.  Time to get something up there!

Another good thing about Wednesdays?    No coaching!!  I really don't mind coaching sports, but when the temperature has been nothing less than 99 or 100, standing out on the blacktop, throwing/serving volleyballs at children for an hour is less than pleasant.  In fact, it usually makes me sweaty and then the car is super hot (I have leather seats) and then I realize I left my water in the classroom, and.......  Oh I could go on, but I won't.

Today is definitely a good Wednesday.  Seems that today will be the last day of stupid hot.  It's supposed to be 100 today, but then dropping to low 90s tomorrow.  By next week, we might even see a 79.  Fingers crossed!  My poor yard looks so thirsty and no matter how much water I run to the plants, they always seem to want more.  In fact, we have several dead trees.  The lack of a wet winter last year and the dry, hot summer have not helped them at all.  My motto for the yard is now, "Save what's alive, and cut down the rest."  I'm pretty sure some of the roses are going t become casualties of this as well.  Sad, but not too much I can do.  We all know how my vegetable garden fared this summer. :(  Even the vegetables I planted in the wine barrels didn't do well.  Not sure why not.  I put good planting soil, fertilizer, and gave them lots of water.  The peppers have done nothing, although Husband still waters them.  He yelled at them at one point, and if you know Husband, you can imagine that did nothing for their self-esteem.  The tomatoes produced one very puny fruit.  I'll have to see if it's still there and take a picture.  It's really pretty comical.  They were sprouted in late February, spent most of the late winter/early spring in a greenhouse, planted outside in larger containers in late spring, and transplanted to the barrels in June.  Too early?  Did I baby them too much?  WTH??!!  I have no idea.  Wow, that turned out much more prolific than planned, didn't it?  Ha ha.

One sad little tomato...

So tonight is clean up night.  Not the house, but me.  Nails are a shambles.  Toes are okay, but I'm tired of the color.  Hair is needing a good batch of color.  Eyebrows are getting wild and wooly.  Hopefully it'll be a nice quiet tv night, so those things can get done.

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