Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Cleaning Continues

So, as if I hadn't had enough cleaning for one week, I tackled the laundry room and pantry over the last two days.  Oh, I also cleaned the garage, but didn't take any pictures of that.  That's one of those, take everything out of the garage, throw stuff away, and put it all back as fast as you possibly can!  Miserable job.

I started with the laundry soap cupboard:

I was in a hurry, so bad photo.

There was a lot of random stuff on the top shelf.  Paper plates, cups, Swiffer thingies, bath soap, and other oddities.  Not sure why, but I guess over time, you just look for a quick place to stash something.  

Much less clutter now!

The next cupboard was even more of a mishmash.  More bath soap, light bulbs, hummingbird food, doggie shampoo, you know, the usual stuff.  Nothing really left this cupboard except the candles that were in there, but it is much more organized:


And I found a place for all those tall water bottles!

Under the sink wasn't too bad, but definitely in need of some organizing.  

Too many weird cleaners!

The bucket on the right has all the weekly stuff.

I was hungry, so I opened the pantry and noticed that we had gotten into the habit lately of putting stuff on any available shelf.  Might be why I have 3 bottles of canola oil.  No before photo, but here's the after:

Is a 2010 expiration too old?  Ha ha!!

In the cleaning frenzy, Fish & I had also gone through our respective closets and taken things out that we might be able to sell at the local resale shop.  We took a laundry basket full of clothes and a bag of shoes.  After waiting for over an hour (they forgot to look at the shoes), we ended up with $80!  Prom is coming up and we headed to the mall across the street to see if we could find a prom dress and shoes.  Here's Fish's invite to the prom from her boyfriend:

All of these little slips pf paper were folded and put inside a bouquet of balloons.  One of the balloons said "Pop me!" on it.  She did and had to sort all the letters out.  Pretty creative, although I really don't remember anyone ever being very creative when asking me to prom back in the day.  In fact, I think I could barely hear the kid who asked me to my junior prom.  He was probably terrified to ask.  I said no.  Bet he wished he'd done the balloon thing!!  

I like shopping with Fish.  She headed to the same store where she found last year's prom dress.  She picked out five dresses and off to the dressing room we went.  She didn't show me the first one.  It wasn't really what she was looking for anyway.  She was hoping to find a white dress, so she could wear Tiffany blue shoes.  The first dress was back and from what I could tell had Judy Jetson sleeves!  Fish hated it.  She tried another one on that was cute, but the top was faux leather and looked dirty.  The next one was great!  I thought for sure that was it, until she tried the 4th one on.  Done!!!!!  

Best part??  Under $40 for the dress.  It seems these days, that shopping at these crazy couture stores is in and spending $300+ for a prom dress is the trend.  Not in this house!!!!  Anyway, dress.......check!  Off to find shoes.  I figured it would be easy in the sense that looking for the Tiffany blue would make looking faster.  It was.  We didn't find any for quite a while.  We must have gone into tem stores, and nothing.  I had to go to the bathroom and Fish walked into a store that seemed to have blue shoes.  I got an urgent text.  "Get in here!"  Success!!  Unfortunately, they didn't have her size.  I took lots of photos and decided to search the internet.  Found them and they should be here Monday!  Easiest prom shopping ever!!  Now we just need to find a little necklace of some sort to go with the shoes.  

Yesterday was garage cleaning day and that took a few hours, but the results are nice.  Today, I started on our spare room.  Key word:  Started.  I gave up after a while.  I took all the bags of "donatable" stuff to the local thrift shop, since my car looked a little like a homeless mobile.  The lady at the thrift store got a little overzealous and was trying to take everything in sight in my car.  I think Husband would have been mad if she had taken his rugby bag.  Anyway, got that taken care of, bought Easter goodies (thanks Mom!), got a few more organizing things at the Dollar Tree and Walmart and then came home to tackle the giant (!!!!!) mound of laundry I forgot I had dumped in the spare room.  Now, I'm going to hang out and do nothing.  Husband took Fish fishing this afternoon, so I can watch whatever silliness I want.  I think that might be the end of the projects for a little while.  I was hoping to paint, but cleaning was far more important.  We'll see what the next vacation or weekend brings!

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