Wednesday, April 3, 2013

There's a Project on the Horizon...

Oh joy of all joys.  There is a project looming on my horizon.  Not sure how I feel about it at the moment.  I bought paint at lunch time, but the thought of prepping the two bathrooms in my house to paint, makes me feel tired already.  The main bathroom is gross.  There is mildew on the walls, which is almost impossible to keep from growing.  There is no proper ventilation in that bathroom...egh!

The plan is to clean with TSP and then sand the imperfections (peeling paint from a botched paint job by a rental company in a hurry to rent the place) and fill in the hole that emerged in the wall one day.

Peeling and gaping!

Then after that, I can attend to painting the room.  Aw man!!  I forgot to get ceiling paint!  Bah!!  I got a really neutral color for the master and a light bluish green for the little bath.  No ceiling paint though.  I knew I forgot something!  Back I go tomorrow.

The picture on the wall is the inspiration for the colors.  :)

I have a plan for the wretched mirror.  

I guess we'll see how things go this weekend.  I still have to take some pictures of the other bathroom to post here.  It's so small, that to get a full wall photo might be impossible.  We'l see.  Husband came in the bathroom this morning while I was attempting to straighten my hair and it was a tight fit!!  

Also on this weekend's wishful thinking agenda?  The yard.  Not sure what part of it, but some part of it.  It is a disaster!!  The sparse rain we have had has managed to wreak havoc on the bare spots.  They are no longer bare, but full of vigorous life!!  Weeds!!!  Egh!!!!  

More on this later.  Back to work-the kind I get paid for!

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