Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Chubby chubby no no!

Okay, for those of you (mom) who do not watch high-brow television shows like Wife Swap, that title refers to last week's episode.  The show swapped a "fat" couple with a fitness fanatic.  The fitness fanatic, also referred to by us as "the bitch" called the other couple fat, which they were and held up a sausage or something like that and called it a "chubby chubby no no."  I honestly thought the fat couple had a much more normal relationship and treated their kids a lot better, although they claimed that because they were Italian, they ate a lot and the 26 year old son was allowed to still live at home.  Anyway, I'm getting super off topic here, which I tend to do.

My topic for today was actually going to be success in weight loss!  So, last week, I decided that I could no longer be a chubby chubby and that fast food and other not so good for me foods were a definite no no.  I looked up all sorts of cleansing drinks as I have heard that some of them are pretty good at actually cleaning out ones toxins.  I settled on this one:

This is the recipe:
1 half cucumber, sliced
1 tangerine, cut up
1 half grapefruit, sliced
3 or 4 mint leaves
Pour water over these ingredients and let steep several hours.  Drink 8 ounces before every meal for 3 days.

This was actually an amazing concoction.  It didn't taste amazing.  In fact, it tasted a bit like dirty cucumber water, but the mint sort of helped and it was palatable.  Both Husband and I drank it religiously for three days and I'm pretty sure I haven't been to the bathroom that many times to pee in my entire life.  Holy cow!  The result was pretty nice though.  Three pounds in three days.  Now, I know this was water weight, but the stuff seems to curb your appetite, which helps to get a jump start on the whole eating better and healthier phase.  My stomach didn't yell at me as much as usual.  I found this, which explained the whole hunger thing:

This is me.  

So, then began the whole eating better foods thing.  With the exception of a frenzied brownie ice cream sundae due to a crappy work day, we have managed to eat good food.  Lots of chicken, pork, and fish.  One of Husband's friends gets to travel and hunt (lucky!) and went to Alaska.  Tis was one of his trades for our chicken eggs:

Alaskan salmon

I've been visiting my Hmong friends around the corner and picking up bags of their vegetables.  They are fresh and cheap!  A bag of bok choy is $1 and squish (squash to most people) is $2 a bag.  Strawberries are always a good purchase out there too, but they go bad kind of fast.  Guess that's what you get with fresh-fresh vegetables.  

So, all of this hard work has been paying off.  I'm down to 149 and I was able to get into one of my favorite thrift store finds today.  I found a designer skirt at the Salvation Army a while back of 50% off day and paid only $6 for it!  I paired it with a sleeveless top and some fancy flip flops:

I look skinny!!  Now, I just need to get this skinny-ness toned up.  My plans of starting marathon training yesterday got derailed by a bout of irritation and slight depression over the retarded septic situation and out of control yard at my house.  It is being worked on ever so slowly, but it is really an annoyance of epic proportions.  Hopefully Hose-A will make some sense of the yard today and be able to get things cleaned up.  Then maybe I can focus on the vegetable garden that is just filled with our neighbor's overflow of winter wheat!  Ugh!!!!  

Back to work I go now.  It's been an alphabet soup sort of day.  Lots of meetings with acronyms.  SST, PLC, and to wrap it up, IEP for SB.  Think I'll try for a run after school.  Or would that be a RUN.  :)

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