Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Finding My Inner Cheapskate!

I have a confession.  I am obsessed with shopping for nice stuff at a cheap price.  Yes, I love Walmart and Target.  I love getting things on sale, but I like to take it a step further.  Thrift stores, Salvation Army, Goodwill, consignment shops, estate sales, and yard sales!  Love, love, love them!!  I have spent the better part of a day roaming through these types of places looking for the right piece to go in my closet.  Sometimes I come away with lots and sometimes, nothing.  I definitely have to be in the mood for that though.  I've been in the mood lately!  

My latest find is the Hinds Hospice Thrift Store here in Clovis.  I went there the other day and found a few really nice things for not very much.  The old ladies that work in there are awesome too.  I wandered in and was pleasantly surprised to find that all red tag items were 50% off.  Yippee!!  Here is what I got:

Now, I have to clarify that the red pants are going to be redesigned.  While they are uber fashionable (cough cough), I would not wear them the way they are.  The striped shirt and the red pants were both red tag items.  Woo hoo!!  The white sweater was not, but still reasonably priced at $4.50.  

Love that total!!

So, being the deal seeker that I have unashamedly become, I ventured the next day to the Salvation Army store close by.  I found tons of cute designer clothes there.  Unfortunately most were made for petite skinny folks.  I did manage to find 2 tops that met with my size requirement.  The one tank has a stain of sorts on it, but I am a master at stain removal and think it is something that will come out.  

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You can see the stain, but hopefully it will come out.  It sort of looks like a deodorant stain.  Hopefully I can work my magic.  Neither of these items were further discounted, but here is my receipt:

Look where my finger is...

So, either I look super old, or they were giving the discount to everyone.  I got the "senior" discount!  Woo hoo!!  So, 5 items for under $20.  Not too shabby...

"I'm gonna pop some tags...I got $20 in my pocket..."  Yeah, I not only love that song, but I live it too!  Stay tuned for updates on my fabulous finds!

Oh and the best part?  Husband is going to go to the thrift store today for the very first time to find a windbreaker to wear on the boat.  Have I created a convert?  Hope so.  Always more fun to go with someone..well, someone that isn't the same size as you or has the same taste as you!  We'll see how he fares.

Speaking of the boat.  We are going fishing this weekend!  I'm planning on catching the "humongous" bass that I know is lurking out there in the murky Delta water.  We are also going to Husband's rugby game and going to see our new little niece!  Looking forward to a great (busy) weekend!

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