Monday, March 11, 2013

Wonderful Weekend

The weekend was wonderful!!!!!!  So wonderful, in fact, that we are doing parts of it again this coming weekend!

Saturday, we got up at the promised 4:30 am...for some reason, it wasn't nearly as awful as I thought it was going to be.  We got loaded up and started off on our journey to the Delta.  Three stops, much coffee, and a lot of good chatter later, we arrived at Orwood Resort, where we launched the boat.  This was our view as we pulled into the channel at 8 am.

Certainly a view I never tire of.
The fishing was slow, the wind was blowing, and we nearly got the boat stuck on some under (barely) water structure.  The tide was the lowest I have ever seen.  After that complication got resolved, we decided to fish the docks around Discovery Bay to stay out of the wind.  Fishing ended up being more like casting practice.  Other than a couple of bites that Husband had, and the two head butting my bait instances I had, we got nothing.  Still, not a bad way to spend your Saturday morning.  Out boating with Husband.  I could get used to that as a lifestyle.  

After fishing, we stored the boat at our friend's house and took a look at a house for sale in the Bay.  Then we headed to the place in Orinda where Husband was to play rugby.  After crawling traffic, several looky-loo type situations on the side of the road, and battling GPSs, we finally made it.  Really nice sports complex there in the works.  They had a couple of fields in use already and the boys took the field.  It wasn't a pretty game (they lost), but it sure was entertaining!  Let's see.......Husband got punched, which he politely returned the favor.  Some people yelled foolish things, to which I had a snappy retort.  More people got very violent, but no blood shed or death occurred.  I guess that's good.

That's Husband there in the back!

After the game was over, we skipped the pizza social held in the dug out behind the turf and headed off to meet our new niece.  Ordered pizza on the way and had that while oooooh-ing and aaaahhhhh-ing over little Keelin.  Man, she is probably the cutest little thing I have ever seen (other than my own children, of course).  She was asleep, as she had just pounded down some nutrients for about an hour, so all we got to do was look.  That was plenty for me.  She is, after all, only a week old.  Luckily we got to get a round two visit in the next day.  Auntie Seren got to hold her.  I forget how small they start out.  My boy was the same size when he was born and now he's 6'4".  Guess birth size has nothing to do with how big you end up.  

Baby Keelin & her amazing aunt & uncle!

So, after our little visit, we stayed at the Bed & Breakfast also known as the in-laws house.  My mother-in-law wanted to take me to a barrell tasting at my favorite winery up there.  I could not say no to Bella!!  Off we went.  The boys (Tactical & Husband) weren't going to stay, but then decided it was too beautiful a day to be in the car, so they stayed.  

Roughing it on a Sunday morning!

Cardio and I went on the tasting and I was not disappointed.  The wine was delicious as usual and I, of course, had to buy a couple of bottles.  Oh, and I stole a glass.  Not the first time THAT has happened.  The winery is really cool, definitely my favorite one.  They have a cave where you taste all the delicious red wines.  It was decorated with a western theme for barrel tasting.  The lights were all mason jars with votive candles inside.  That's me in the cave!!

Love this part of the cave @ Bella!

After exiting the cave, we stayed a bit longer and soaked up some sunshine and took some pictures.  This one is my favorite:

After our little visit with Keelin, we finally headed home.  By way of Bass Pro Shops of course!  Great weekend!!  Looking forward to the next one!  

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