Thursday, September 27, 2012

What a crock!

What a good little Thursday I'm having!  Got up early, worked out with some ab exercises, got ready for school, and threw some stuff in the crock pot.  I really feel like the crock pot should be included with the other Wonders of the World.  I literally dumped two pounds of frozen beef stew meat, the contents of an au jus mix packet, a packet of ranch seasoning, a can of diced peeled tomatoes, some leftover chopped onion, and a package of sliced mushrooms into the crock portion of the crock pot, turned it on low and left for work.  Husband went home around lunch time to meet the "Safelite repair, Safelite replace" guy to replace my car windshield and said the house smelled delicious!  A quick stir, and dinner will be awaiting our return later this afternoon.  Yum!!!

Pictures of the completed meal will be posted later.  I wish it was later already.

Speaking of pictures, it was Picture Day at school today.  All the girls had curly hair, and all the boys were fairly clean and neat.  All bets are off on all of that now, since it is now after lunch recess.  Doesn't take 6th graders long to become unpleasant to view and smell.  Something new happened today though. The kids were waiting in line to take their pictures and the picture taker was collecting payments, which typically are in the form of cash or bad checks.  One of my students pulls out an American Express to pay for her pictures.  What???!!!!  So, what parent thinks this is a good idea???  Obviously, hers, but seriously?  Mind bottling!! I guess that's just life these days, or an awesome show of stupidity.  I'm leaning toward the latter.

Well, lunch is over and the children will be filing back in shortly.  Stay tuned for the photo of my crocked dinner.  :)

** I wish I could say that the photo would be here now, but I completely forgot to take a picture of the stuff and when I remembered, it was all gone!  I guess that's a testament as to how good it was.  The dogs got the juices leftover poured over their kibble this morning and they thought it was the best thing they'd ever gotten in their dishes!  Jetta pushed her bowl all over the place trying to lick every last bit.

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