Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Fall!

One of my favorite views...
First day of fall...Husband is off to run the clock at football and I'm going to watch the girl play volleyball.  Happy Fall!!

I've arrived at home to an air conditioned house.  Aaaaaahhhh, thanks Husband!

I watched 8 hours of volleyball, graded several stacks of papers, recorded them, and the mercury has reached 98 (at least that's what my car said).  This is how I spent my first day of Fall.  For the record, I'm so over the  hot weather.  There is a reprieve coming according to, but until I see something other than 9 in the tens place, I will not be happy.

As far as volleyball went, I had fun watching the girls play.  They were undefeated until their last match, where they played a team from Bakersfield that had the most ridiculous hitter.  This girl defied gravity as far as vertical jumps went.  Good grief.  The girls fought hard, but ended the two day tournament in second place.  Not too shabby though.

Tomorrow I think I will try to get a run in (provided the weather cooperates) and Husband and I are going to take the boat out and do a little fishing.  Now, to sign off and watch some mindless television.

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