Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Negative Nancy

I'm feeling a little annoyed today, so I'm going to visit my negative side and write a list about things that I don't like.

1.  No ice cubes in the ice cube tray.
2.  Replacement refs in the NFL.
3.  Hot weather.
4.  Stations that play songs on an endless loop.  Love you T. Swift, but tired of your new song already!
5.  Remembering what I forgot earlier when it's too late.
6.  Snot...especially kid snot.
7.  Mice, rats, or other rodents that have invited themselves into my classroom or other personal areas.
8.  Children who do not have manners.
9.  Adults who don't have manners.
10. California Fish & Game rules that make Husband grouchy.
11. Hummers, unless they are manned by U.S. Military.
12. Facebook posts about how happy you are with your spouse (they are probably cheating).
13. Spiders, snakes, and maggots.
14. Things I don't get done, so they keep moving to a new page in my notebook.
15. People who think they are smarter than me...and employ elaborate vocabulary to no avail.
16. Mean people.
17. Freeway traffic...any traffic for that matter.
18. Cashiers who don't pay attention to you when you are right in front of them.
19. Sweet potatoes with the marshmallow stuff on top.
20. Paper torn out of a spiral notebook with all the fuzzy things still attached to the side.

I could go on, I suppose, but then that would make me look very negative!  Ha ha.  Maybe tomorrow, I'll do a list of things I like.  Depends on how the day goes, I guess.

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