Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Monday...

It's Monday.  And it's going to be hot.  Again.  Seriously, this is the longest hot spell that I can remember in a very long time.  Yesterday, it was supposed to be cooler, but when I went to get us dinner around 4:30 pm, this is what my car told me:

2nd day of fall

They (not sure who these "they" people are) claim that the temperature will be 7 to 9 degrees cooler today than yesterday.  I'm not holding my breath on this.  I think that in my next career, I would like to be a weather forecaster.  Very few jobs allow their employees to have such a high error rate and still remain employed.  Truly amazing.

Yesterday ended up being a bit more productive than originally anticipated.  I started working on the small table that I wasn't sure I'd keep or sell.  Looks as though I am going to keep it after all.  Husband went to the local Ace Hardware to get some eye bolts for his duck blind that he installed on his boat.  I perused the spray paint aisle, since the paint aisle is always a favorite place of mine.  I found an Ace brand paint called "Mechnical Gray" and fell in love!  So, it came home with me.  I started painting a couple of picture frames with it and the color is gorgeous!!  It comes out like a steel blue/gray which I am currently in love with.  I am going to paint the top of the table a satin black and leave the rest the gray color.  Can't wait until it is done!  It's going to go in the Nina/Tyler/Tara's old room/Luke/spare room/extra closet/junk/catch-all/hunting/fishing room, which I am redoing from top to bottom.  Here it is in progress.

I really like the gray with the wood tone.  On a future piece perhaps.  There's always a future piece.....ha ha. The frames are looking good too, so when those are finished, I will post a picture of them too.  

I also started the plans for the birdhouse, but realized I didn't have any colors other than white.  I want it to have  a worn rustic look, so I was trying to decide how to accomplish that.  I think I have a plan, so more on that piece later too.  

Today, I had to go to work, so no time for fun projects.  Next weekend is looking promising though.  Nothing planned, so far.  Yeah!!  Tonight I get to do more laundry (never ends in our house, especially with this stupid heat) and plan some meals for the rest of the week.  Boom!  Exciting life I lead.  Oh, I'm going to go work out after school.  Figure I will already be hot, miserable, and sweaty.  Might as well make that load of laundry worth it.  Ha ha!  So, to close, I leave you with this quote I saw on a t-shirt at Fish's volleyball tournament last weekend.  

I'm going to be a champion!

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