Monday, January 28, 2013

Fitness & Good Eating...Take 2!

Okay, it's probably more like take 5, but I'll pretend it's only take 2.  Ha!!

Today I weighed in at 151.6.  I want to be at 145 by Spring Break.  I also want to be able to run a half marathon in November.  Sccccrrreeeeeeeeeccchhh!!!  Whaaaatt??!!  Yes,  said HALF MARATHON.  Yes, me.

Here is the plan fr the next month:

Week of January 28th:  Eat low calorie meals (this is hard...I'm doing the summer plan and I'm already hungry, grumpy, and consumed so many vegetables and water, I nearly used my "one" for the year.)  Start slow, but do some cardio (running and some other easier stuff) and some core training.

Week of February 4th:  Eat low calorie meals.  Hopefully I'v not killed anyone by this time.  Increase running and continue core exercises.  Add in lunges and squats.

Week of February 11th and 18th:  Continue above, but add in abs and arm exercises.  I will be at 6th grade camp the 20th-22nd.  That will be hard to maintain the food portion, although I'm going to pack as much as I can and just stick with the salad bar up there.  We will be busy from sup up to sun down, so hopefully that will suffice in the cardio area.

Week of February 25th:  Be running 2.5- 3 miles by this week without stopping, coughing, or passing out.  :)

I will chronicle the good, the bad, and the ugly from here on out.

On a New Year's Resolution note:  I have done my hair differently one day each week for the last 3 weeks!!  Progress!  I have also dressed less like a 90 year old woman and have actually looked cute the last few days.  Not trying to impress anyone, but certainly don't need to be looking 90!!  I'll post some pictures tomorrow.

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