Monday, January 14, 2013


It's Monday again and the weekend seems like it was forever ago.  Maybe that's because it was ridiculously short.  Okay, technically, the weekend was the same number of hours as always, but I spent 7 hours Saturday sitting in a gym watching other people's kids wrestle.  While this is usually a somewhat fun event, I wasn't feeling up to it after the flu shenanigans last week. I did get to sit with two very good friends of mine.  Really hoping their immune systems are up to par.

70%  That's how well I feel right now.  70% of my body says its okay.  20% says that it might start feeling better soon and 10% is still secretly wishing for imminent death.

I do have some good news for this week though.  Despite my best efforts (eating Panda for dinner, chicken covered in cheese, and pasta drowning in cheese sauce), I lost 5 pounds!!!!!!  Hoo-rah!!! I guess there are a few benefits associated with having a raging fever, followed by severe chills, congestion of every imaginable area, etc.

So, next weekend is going to be a big project weekend!!!  While I will miss Husband (he will be shooting duckies), I have three glorious days to get some things done around the house and get some Pintesting done!!!!  More details to follow this week.  I have to go through and choose what I want to try.  :)

Right now, however, all I want to accomplish is a good night's sleep.  Hopefully tonight.

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