Monday, November 5, 2012


Oh my goodness.  It's Monday again.  Really didn't start out a typical Monday.  I felt rested when I woke up this morning (thank you Daylight Savings!) and although I had nothing actually planned for school today, I got things going.  Then I actually saw people and that's when it got stupid.  Ha!  Bombarded with 20 questions and concerns by various well meaning adults.  Well, I think most of them are well meaning.  I think that some people actually take their job home with them and obsess over it on their days off.  I do not and this makes some people annoyed with me.  The feeling becomes mutual, as I become annoyed with the people that do/think about/stress about work when they are not here.  Ugh.  That's why they are called "days off" people!!  Learn about it!

I went duck hunting with Husband yesterday.  Okay, it was more like bird watching, as the ducks didn't feel it prudent to come within any sort of range.  One flight came right over our heads, but we weren't paying attention...oops!

The slough in the afternoon...

That rant being said, I am looking forward to next weekend, which happens to be 3 glorious days off!  I will not be taking any work home, as for the most part, it simply takes a ride in the car.  Dumb.  I will also be ready for some stress free time as the last week and a half, I crocheted headbands like crazy (sold a whopping 4 at a boutique this weekend-it's too f'n warm for people to seriously consider buying something to keep their ears from getting cold) and dealt with a crazy schedule this weekend.  Fun, but crazy.  This coming weekend sounds like a much more relaxing time, but we'll see.

I feel as though I have neglected my faithful reader (mom) by not posting anything for a week.  Sad to say, I have been too angry and busy to have written anything that wasn't filled with hate and anti-school sentiments.  Today, this changes.  I feel like there isn't enough wrinkle cream or alcohol, for that matter, to make it worth being a hater much longer.

Today, after being angry for a few minutes this morning (I so am not perfect!), decided that I need to take this getting back in shape thing really seriously.  Hanging out with my pregnant sister-in-law two weekends lately hasn't helped.  Yes, she ran/walked a half marathon this weekend and ran a 5K with me two weeks ago, but she can eat whenever and whatever she wants.  I also can do that, but with much more dire consequences.  Which brings me to the angry moment this morning.  I got on the scale.  Ouch!!  I had set a limit of 150 pounds.  By that I promised myself to never go over that again.  Pretty sure if I eat one pretzel or drink an ounce of water today, I will go over.  Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!  So, eating well and exercising begins again (!!!!!) today.  I brought some leftover tri-tip for lunch and have been drinking what feels like a gallon and a half of water today.  After wrestling practice, I am going to run two miles.  Then hopefully a healthy dinner.

Speaking of dinner, Husband and I have decided (it was his idea) to have a cooking schedule.  He is going to cook Mondays and Wednesdays and I get to cook Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Fish gets to help and maybe eventually cook on Fridays.  She needs to learn to cook something other than mac and cheese and tuna melts.  Man, she's going to put on more than the Freshman Fifteen when she gets to college!  Ha ha!!  Right now, Fridays will be a sharing day (it is caring!) and the weekend will be a game time decision sort of thing.  The only rule is that there needs to be enough to take for lunch the next day.  I heard rumor of something with chicken tonight and Italian sausage for Wednesday.  I haven't made my decision yet, but will be soon!  We are going to the grocery store after practices and workouts.  Yay for food!  

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