Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Post?

I was going to write a blasting post regarding the election and the fact that the electoral college is a ridiculous method of electing a president, but instead I'll share a positive moment of Election Day.

The Electoral College concept is, by far, the most antiquated and confusing concept in the whole election process.  I decided to show my students how this electoral voting compares with the idea of the popular vote. They were unaware that electing a president was so much more complicated than their student council elections.  They had a lot of questions.

I showed them this link, which proved to be super cool!  The kids loved it and so did their teacher!  :)

We did a "what if" scenario where we tallied votes for each candidate making it that Romney won by popular vote.  Then we tallied the electoral votes and the winner by more than the required 270 electoral votes was Obama. Even a room full of 12 year olds saw the flaw in this method.  I was proud of my little Americans!  We spent about 45 minutes going through the whole site.  The website also has games, trivia, and a pretty basic overview of the whole election process.

(I had originally had three more paragraphs with various thoughts, gripes, and other commentary, but decided that I would just keep it positive.  There's enough election negativity out there.)

Today was my day off from running and I feel fat and icky.  Oops...that was negative, wasn't it?  Ugh!!  I was home early and I decided to wash my filthy (!!!!) car.  We didn't have any car wash soap, so being the inventive person that I am,  I discovered that spraying my wheels with 409 prior to washing and then washing the car with Dawn was the key to painless car washing!  Yippee!!!!  I also discovered that washing your own car is a tiring endeavor.  But well worth the results.  Not to mention, I'm pretty sure I have now guaranteed rain in our forecast.  Bring it on StormWarn 30!!

Off to the kitchen to help Husband.  It's his turn to cook dinner and I need to assist.  By that I mean, sit in the kitchen with a delicious glass of wine and offer encouraging comments.  Chicken Broccoli Fettucine is on our menu.  Can't wait!  Recipe to follow tomorrow!

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