Thursday, May 9, 2013

May Showers!!

It's May and it's raining!  And I LOVE it!!  I always think I should move to Washington State, but then I wonder if I'd get tired of the rain, like I get tired of the stupid sun shining ALL the darn time.  Probably.

Luckily, it did not rain last Saturday, as that was Prom Night!  In fact, it was a little on the warm side, but not hot.  The Fish and her boyfriend had been looking forward to it for several weeks now.  I spent last week being a tailor, a cobble, a jeweler, and a photographer.  Well worth it.  Fish's dress needed to have the sleeves shortened, so I took on that project Thursday night.  I managed to get them hemmed to the right length without incident.  Meaning I didn't sew the sleeves shut or cut the wrong part of the dress!  Thank you to my Home Ec teacher back in the day and my Momma who taught me to sew.  :)  Then her shoes needed a new hole bored into the strap because they were too loose.  Thanks to Husband for having appropriate tools for this venture.  Then we had ordered a "bubble" necklace off of Etsy and it finally arrived from China. Really nice and fairly fast shipping considering the origin.  We had to dismantle the dangly parts of the necklace, as it went too far down her neckline to work as is.  I took two of the dangly things and made earrings for her.  Aren't I clever??!!  The photography part was easy.  Last year, we went to Quail lakes to take pictures, but that place was mobbed with hundreds of teenagers and their parents.  This year, we decided to go to Harlan Ranch, which is pretty close to us.  Here are some of the results:

The kids had such a great time!  This year was way better for Fish.  Last year she had a week to get ready for Prom and she went with a foreign exchange kid that she barely knew.  The boyfriend is a pretty nice kid. We like him, we like his parents, and he treats the Fish very well.  

I had so much more to post, but have run out of time.  I guess that will be saved for a later time.  Sorry Mom.  Ha ha!!

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