Wednesday, December 12, 2012


So, Husband went duck hunting all weekend, which meant that I had project time!!!!!!  I made a ridiculously long list to accomplish, but didn't get even halfway through.  No worries though.  I got enough done to make me happy!

My first and foremost concern was to get the spare room all prettied up and decorated.  I had plans to paint the walls and to hang decorations, etc.  Ha ha ha!!  That didn't even come close to fruition!  Instead, I got distracted by a room I am in more than not.  The living room walls were screaming for some love and a makeover!  The decor in there looked like my first apartment.  Hurriedly thrown together and not well organized.

First, was the fireplace wall.  I hate that wall.  The main offender of that wall is the brick fireplace.  Why, oh why, did someone think it was a good idea to paint it the same color as the walls???  I hate that.  It wasn't even done well.  Oh well, that's not a project I want to tackle, so I did what I could.  Those candle sconces have followed me throughout my bleak decorating life and it is time they find their way to Goodwill.  I wasn't sure where I was going to go with the decorating, but I did have a can of "oil rubbed bronze" spray paint.  My solution for all things boring.  Spray paint!!  I had purchased an ugly faux gold leaf oval mirror at a yard sale for $2.00.  Spray paint, engage!  So here is the before photo of that wall:


...and after.

Since painting really wasn't an option, I decided to move some things around.  The mirror got a coat of bronze, the "H" I made got redesigned and placed above the fireplace, and the photos on the right got merged with the smaller frames that were lost on another wall.

Next wall was the sliver of wall separating the kitchen entry and the dining (no one has EVER dined in there) room.  

Our labbie wall.

I also redid the wall to the right of the couch.  I don't have a before picture, since most of that wall is window.  Oh, now as I check, I didn't even take a picture of the finished wall either.  Suffice it to say, it looks way better than it did before.  The entry area/ dining area was a bit of a mish mash of decorating thought.  After finding a super cute piece of Americana with matching frames for a whopping $1.50 at a yard sale, I decided to make this area an America area.  Pictures below:

Yeah, I really had only those two tiny candle sconces on that big wall.

The wall still looks big, but these are much cuter!
I decided that we need to have some photos of family up on the walls as well, and less of them on tables.  They are dust catchers there and I don't dust much.  Mostly because I hate to move the picture frames!  I took all the empty frames I could find (I have a lot!) and started getting pictures to fill them.  I managed to find a ton of good photos that aren't doing too much good in drawers and closets.  My plan was to hang them, but I didn't get around to it yet.  Maybe this weekend, but I think I might have house guests.  

Not sure what the upcoming weekend will bring, but if we have guests, I might resort to another round of testing Pins from Pinterest!  

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